Need help creating videos in a virtual studio?


I’ve created hundreds of virtual studio videos and can help you achieve the perfect set up in your green screen studio.
I can also manage the whole production process for you too.


I can improve your virtual studio videos by:

Managing the green screen studio set up

Getting the correct green screen, lighting and audio set up is really important when making virtual studio videos. I can work with your team to ensure everything technically is 100% good to go before we start filming.

Creating a variety of virtual camera angles

I’ll mange all the settings in the TriCaster and set up a range of virtual camera angles for you. I’ll make sure we have every shot we need and the virtual studio and the talent looks it’s best before we begin recording.

Managing every part of the production

I’ve produced hundreds of virtual studio based videos in green screen studios and I’m happy to manage the entire production for you from finding a suitable studio to filming and editing the final videos.

Recent virtual studio video projects


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