Freelance Newtek Certified TriCaster Operator


Simon Malone
Simon Malone
NewTek Certified TriCaster Operator
I’m a Freelance Newtek Certified TriCaster Operator who has been involved in filming and live streaming since I was 13. As my parents owned a live events company, this is pretty much an industry I’ve grown up with.

For the past seven years, I’ve been vision mixing on Newtek TriCaster, ATEM and VMix platforms on conferences, live events and green screen studio work.

My extensive experience allows me to advise you on the best creative and technical options for your project. If you’re completely unfamiliar with how event filming or live streaming works, don’t worry, I can talk you through it all.

Working with me is really flexible.

I’m happy to come in as “Simon the TriCaster Operator” or to wear one of your crew T-Shirts, working as part of your team throughout the job. I am confident directing and encouraging presenters and talking directly to clients and you can trust me to always say and do the right thing on site.

I own plenty of technical equipment that I bought over the years including vison mixers, cameras and audio equipment. We can arrange to use whatever is needed to film and live stream your events.

If you want live streaming and filming services that’ll help you engage your audience and make your brand look good, I can help you make it happen.


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