Need some hands-on NewTek TriCaster training?

Being a Certified NewTek TriCaster Operator, I can teach you everything you need to know about this system.
I can also train your team and show them how to create great content and live events.

Things I can teach you on the TriCaster:

Vision Mixing Training

I cover the fundamental principles of vision mixing. This includes the positioning of cameras, how and when to cut to them and how to use your TriCaster to create broadcast quality videos and events.

Recording and Editing

I’ll show you how to set the TriCaster to record your live output and the cameras connected to it. We’ll go through different record format options to ensure the set up is just right for your productions.

Live Streaming

We’ll spend time going through the different live streaming options that are built into the TriCaster. We’ll also set up easy-to-use profiles for sites such as YouTube and Facebook for you to use on your future events.

Virtual Sets

I’ll teach you and your team how to properly set up a green screen studio space. We’ll then cover how to combine this footage with the NewTek TriCaster Virtual Sets to create TV quality productions and broadcasts.

TriCaster Training using your equipment

£ 825 Per Day
  • Lean to use your NewTek TriCaster and:
  • Add cameras and audio inputs
  • Use the interface & Control Surface
  • Use green screen virtual studios
  • Hands-on experience of vision mixing
  • How to record and live stream

TriCaster Training using your equipment

£ 1750 Per Day
  • TriCaster training using my kit:
  • 1 x TriCaster TC1 & Control Surface
  • 2 x HP ZR2240 HD Monitors
  • 2 x JVC GY700 Cameras
  • 2 x Sennheiser G4 Microphones
  • 1 x Portable Green Screen Set Up

TriCaster Training with on site support

£ 2850 For The Full Training Package
  • TriCaster training & on site support:
  • 3 x Days of on-site training
  • Full set up and configuration
  • Practice solving potential live problems
  • Set up of macro automations
  • Me on-site for your first project

Ready for some Newtek TriCaster Training?