Marketing Videos Using a Custom Virtual Set Design

On this project I was asked by a client to create a custom Virtual Set Design for use in marketing videos for their new product. Once the design was completed we filmed a number of promotional Virtual Studio Videos within a green screen studio that were then shared on their YouTube and Facebook pages. They’ve used their virtual studio on a number of occasions now including the announcement of new product updates and product release dates.

Health & Safety Video Using Custom Virtual Studio Design

I recently teamed up with a video production company to produce a Health & Safety video using a custom Virtual Studio Design. Before arriving on site I worked with my client to design a bespoke virtual studio to be used within my TriCaster system. Once this was ready, I loaded it into the system and using my full Reflecmedia portable green screen studio equipment and autocue, we recorded a series of videos. Once filming was finished I edited the completed clips together and it’s now being shared with employees all over the world.