Live Filming, Streaming and Editing of Awards Ceremony

On this project I worked with a freelance cameraman on the Live Filming and Editing of Awards Ceremony for my client before editing together a “best bits” highlights video. We filmed and live streamed the keynote speech, the awards ceremony and even found some time at the end to capture a few vox pops interviews. The client was delighted with the quick turnaround on the edit and I look forward to working with them on the Event Filming and Live Streaming of next year’s event.

Facebook Live Stream of Interactive Q&A Session

For this project I filmed a Facebook Live Stream of an Interactive Q&A Session at my clients office in London and broadcast it directly to Facebook Live. During the session I was also able to connect the London office to selected customers around the world via Skype and these conversations were also broadcast direct to Facebook as part of the session. The session was viewed by over 125,000 people and the online audience were able to ask questions to the panel and give their instant feedback to a new product range.

Facebook Live Streaming of Press Conference

On this project I worked alongside another video production company to manage the Facebook Live Streaming of a press conference from a hotel in London. The event was held to promote a new film release and gave viewers the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the panel. After the event the session was edited together into a “best bits” video that was uploaded directly to YouTube. In total more than 500,000 viewers across the world watched the live stream on their computers, tablets and smart phones.

Facebook Live Stream of Corporate Conference

For this project I worked alongside a production company in London to create a Facebook Live Stream of a corporate conference to their clients Facebook page. I managed all aspects of the Event Filming including the organisation of the three cameras, the cameramen operating them and the audio engineer. During the event the keynote presentations as well as the award ceremony in the evening were streamed direct to Facebook Live reaching an overall global audience of more than 40,000 people.